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Pamunkey Indian Enterprises- Professional Services (PIE-PS)

Pamunkey Indian Enterprises Professional Services (PIE-PS)

Pamunkey Indian Enterprises – Professional Services  (PIE-PS)  is currently a certified Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) business. Our UEI is LABYWZ1GCSD8.

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PIE-PS Mission Statement

Conduct business in an ethical and honest manner and improve the lives of all Pamunkey Indians by offering best-value products and services to commercial and government customers, providing training and employment opportunities to Pamunkey Indians, and ensuring effective stewardship of our planet and natural resources.

PIE-PS Values and Community

PIE-PS is an 8(a) SBA certified tribal corporation 100% owned by the Pamunkey Indian Tribe. Having received the first Tribal 8(a) certification of any Virginia Indian Tribe, the PIE-PS corporation is now poised to allow contracting agencies to move quickly through the award process. Sole source contracts help reduce or eliminate the time delays and financial costs of market research, acquisition strategies, solicitation, proposal review and contractor selection. All of which combine to help us to deliver outstanding results and service to our business partners.

Being certified as a Native American 8(a) company allows us to offer outstanding advantages to our clients including:

  • Sole source contracting as high as $100 million without Justification and Authorization

  • Sole Source awards can not be protested

  • Qualifies as both Small Disadvantaged Business and Tribal 8(a)

  • Indian Incentive Program can rebate 5% to prime contractors on total amount subcontracted to Indian Economic Enterprises (IEE)

PIE-PS maintains a keen interest in aligning the work we do with our corporate values and the mission of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe. The PIE-PS management team has a demonstrated track record of success in government contracting with discriminating technical skills across the scope of our business lanes. Our leadership team offers decades of experience in government contracting in both the Civilian and Federal space. We bring leadership expertise in most agencies and will expand that experience under PIE-PS with targeted focus areas within the Federal, Civilian and Defense Intelligence communities. We also have proven skillsets in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), DevSecOps, and managing projects using the Agile Framework. We can support media and messaging campaigns, both internal and external, from web page development through multi-media production including motion picture and video. We have the ability to provide both long and short term project support.

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