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About 1 Adaptive Arrow Alliance


PIE-PS is the Managing Venturer of 1 Adaptive Arrow Alliance, LLC. 1A3 is a Joint Venture comprised of three small business - PIE-PS, SHINE Systems, and Trilogy Innovations - offering a low-risk, high value, experienced, and reliable choice to meet complex business and IT enterprise technical challenges.1A3 is a Prime Contractor on the GSA 8(a) STARS III Base and OCONUS Contracts. Our experience in the Federal, Civilian, Defense, and Commercial markets combined with our Tribal 8(a) classification provides a sole source or competitive avenue to a robust set of experience and qualifications.

Why We Came Together

The Pamunkey Indian Tribe has survived by adjusting to their ever-changing environment. 1A3 will support the development of infrastructure on the Pamunkey Indian Reservation to encourage economic development opportunities as well as improve the quality of life for the Pamunkey Tribe.


​Keeping the Pamunkey roots at the foundation of our Joint Venture, 1A3 brings innovation to people, systems, and tools that are versatile, agile, and adaptive, allowing us to fine-tune solutions and practices benefiting our partners continually.

Arrows are symbolic of both Native American culture and the modern technical climate. The arrow represents both war and reconciliation within Native American traditions. To the Pamunkey Indian Tribe, the arrow also stands for solidarity and cooperation, dating back to their signing of the 1677 Treaty of Middle Plantation with England. As it applies to the technologies of today, an arrow signifies direction, motion, protection, and defense.

1A3 capabilities provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions through innovation, thought leadership, cybersecurity, and national defense, ensuring the lessons of today become the keystones of tomorrow.

At 1A3, we have learned through decades of experience that we can gain greater success in delivering solutions that address the most challenging problems by closely collaborating with our customers. Our experience has taught us that the success of every project relies on a thorough understanding of the needs and demands of the mission. The 1A3 alliance provides a deep breath of resources, higher capacity, greater flexibility, and expansion in strategic capabilities and technical experts to deliver the highest value solutions for our partners.

Benefits of Working with 1A3 LLC.

The Pamunkey Indian Tribe

The Pamunkey Indian Tribe were the first Native Americans to meet the Jamestown settlers in 1607 and are now the first and only Tribal 8(a) certified corporation in the state of Virginia. The Pamunkey Tribe are the people of Chief Powhatan and his daughter Pocahontas, two of the most famous and recognizable Native Americans in history. With the first and only Tribal 8(a) certification of any Virginia Indian Tribe, 1A3 is poised to allow contracting agencies to move quickly through the award process. We are focused on expanding economic opportunities and employment for the Tribal members, other Virginia Indian Tribes and our Neighbors throughout the central Virginia region.

1A3 Benefits to the Government and the Tribe

As a business born out of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe of Virginia, 1 Adaptive Arrow Alliance (1A3) is uniquely positioned to qualify for contracts without solicitation protests due to its Tribal 8(a) status. This allows the U.S. Federal Government the opportunity to ensure success is guaranteed and not delayed due to solicitation protests. This acquisition strategy can save time and ultimately money with little to no gap in operational capacity. In addition to the ability to secure sole source contracts above $4.5 million, contracts up to $25 million Federal Civilian and up to $100 million Department of Defense (DoD) do not require a J&A. 1A3's contracts are always guaranteed. This enables government agencies to maintain operational efficiency with a fast, efficient contract acquisition timeline often spanning less than 20 days.

Indian Incentive Program (25 U.S.C. § 1544)
  • The Indian Incentive Program, based on Section 504 of the Indian Financing Act of 1974 (25 U.S.C. § 1544), provides for the payment of 5% of the amount subcontracted to 1A3, a Tribally owned organization, when authorized under the terms of the contract.

  • DoD contracts with prime contractors that contain FAR 52.226-1, Utilization of Indian Organizations and Indian-Owned Economic Enterprises, are eligible for these incentive payments so long as the prime contract amount is over $500,000 and involves the expenditure of appropriated funds.

Leveraging A Tribally Owned Business:
  • Tribally Owned Businesses are always considered Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDBs)

  • Tribally Owned Businesses can receive sole source contracts in excess of $4.5M (13CFR124.506(b))

    • Sole Source contracts up to $25 million Federal Civilian and up to $100 million DoD do not require a J&A per Section 811

  • Awards cannot be protested (13CFR124.517(a))

  • Tribally Owned Businesses can have direct negotiations with the Government (13CFR124.503(c)(2)) at the start of and throughout the acquisition process

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